Scandinavian Sensual


The finest artists for an incredible dance experience!

Berra & Laura

Berra and Laura, both from the city of Seville, are the Bachata Sensual Teachers you can’t miss. Both Berra and Laura have danced for over 10 years separately, with training in latin dances, performing arts and other disciplines and artistic modalities. They are the artistic directors of the dance school Studio 567 in Seville, where they teach together with several professionals of various styles. They have been dancing together for more than four years and they have already experienced so much. They have won several both national and international competitions, including Spain Bachatastars, becoming sub champions in 2016 and champions in 2017.They also became champions of Sobretodo Bachata in 2017, champions of World Bachatastars in 2018 and sub champions in World Bachata Masters of 2019. Known for being amazing competitors, their lyrical stage presence and their incredible didactics, you can’t miss the opportunity of learning from them!

Simone & Danila

Simone and Danila are fusion Bachata Dancers. They rose to fame with their video on social media (Instagram, TikTok and YouTube). Simone was born on June 24, 1996 and Danila was born on September 26, 2000 in Catania, Sicily , Italy.  Their style is called “Bachata New Style” and  is a mix of Bachata and Reggaeton, with a variety of footwork. Come take workshops with this energetic, up and coming Bachata couple who are taking the Bachata world by storm.

Roger & Stephanie

Roger is an international dance instructor who was born and raised in Venezuela with an unconditional passion for Bachata Sensual. His unique style has been classified as revolutionary, and the fresh approach has made his classes very popular. Stephanie Lucero is an international dancer, producer, and choreographer originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is well versed in ballet, jazz, contemporary dance, hip hop, salsa, and rock and roll, among other dance styles. Behind her is collaboration and professional work at an equal level with the most known bachata artists in the scene, including Daniel Santacruz, Sara Panero, Judith Cordero, Manny Rod, Dani J and many more.
Together they make an amazing team with a sound technical background and a fresh energy creating fun new combos for you to learn and up your social dancing technique

Umeko Yuko

Umeko Yuko is a professional bachata dancer from Japan, living  in Madrid Spain. She is a Pro Member of Group Esencia by Marco & Sara and used to be member of AlmaLatina Mexico.  She is trained in rhythmic gymnastic, ballet, aerial silk, pole dance, contortion just to name a few.

She is the Bachata Champion of the UK, Asia & Japan.

🏆 Bachata Spain Champion 2023
A 14 times Bachata champion in JAPAN, Her accolades include:

World salsa summit in Miami 2021 🥈
Spain World Bachatea Cup 2020 🥈
Spain Bachatart 2019 🥈
Sobre todo bachata 2018/ bachatart 2018/ Salamanca fusión bachata / Paris bachata festival 2018/ finalist
Japan bachata festival 2018 pro-am 🥇
Japan bachata festival 2018 same gender 🥇
Japan Latin dance cup 2018 solo 🥇
Japan Latin dance cup 2018 bachataPro 🥇
England B United Bachata cup 2018

Villehart & Pinja

Villehart & Pinja are a rising Bachata couple from Helsinki, Finland who have been collaborating together since the year 2021. They have both been dancing various styles over the years, emphasis being in latin dance styles.

Currently they have been invited to festivals and events around Scandinavia and the Baltics to share their knowledge, and they have also been a big part in helping to advance the Finnish Bachata scene.

In their classes, they like to focus on developing a good technique and how to apply moves that they create and teach in socials.

Peter & Kari

Peter comes from a background in Hip-hop before getting into Bachata and has been teaching Bachata for seven years, both internationally on festivals and with weekly classes in Gothenburg. Peter also DJ and make his own bachata remixes under the name DJ Peter 🎧
Kari has her background in classical ballet and contemporary dance, and she has been teaching ballet for several years. She later fell in love with Bachata, and she started teaching bachata in Oslo 2021. Peter & Kari joined forces in 2022 and has been teaching together at several events/festivals.